A woman running through the woods in the fall.

Things to do in the fall

Fall in the PA Great Lakes Region is a canvas of fiery foliage and crisp, cool air. The counties become alive with outdoor adventures against a backdrop of stunning autumn colors,

ideal for hiking, cycling, and scenic drives. Seasonal harvests bring local markets and festivals to life, offering a taste of the region’s bounty. It’s a cozy time for community events, pumpkin patches, and enjoying the natural beauty and festive atmosphere that make fall in the Great Lakes area uniquely enchanting.

Buhl Park - Mercer County
Allegheny River - Venango County
Asbury Woods - Erie County

Outdoor Activities

During autumn, the region is enveloped in a kaleidoscope of fall colors

Creating a breathtaking setting for outdoor adventures. The crisp air and vibrant landscapes invite visitors to explore the region’s natural beauty through activities like hiking, cycling, and scenic drives. This season offers a unique charm, with tranquil lakes and wooded trails providing a peaceful retreat to enjoy the splendor of fall.

Bridge No. 1801 - Mercer County
A train traveling down the tracks. Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad - Venango County
Oil City Bike Trail - Venango County

Arts & Culture

Embracing the fall season with a rich tapestry of arts and culture

Fall showcases local traditions, craftsmanship, and performances. As the landscape transforms with vibrant hues, the region comes alive with festivals, art shows, and cultural events that reflect the heritage and creativity of its communities. From live theater performances in historic venues to art galleries displaying the work of local artisans, the season offers a myriad of ways to experience the artistic spirit and cultural richness of the area against the backdrop of autumn’s natural beauty.


Fall shopping is an inviting blend of seasonal festivities and local commerce

As the landscape dawns its autumn colors, shoppers can explore a variety of outdoor markets, antique stores, and specialty shops offering everything from handcrafted wares to harvest produce. This season is perfect for finding unique gifts, home decorations, and artisanal goods, all while enjoying the crisp air and scenic beauty that define the region’s fall atmosphere.

Grove City Premium Outlets - Mercer County

Family Fun

From pumpkin patches and hayrides to fall festivals and corn mazes

The region offers countless opportunities for families to create lasting memories. The cooler temperatures and vibrant landscapes provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventures, whether it’s a leisurely hike through colorful trails or a scenic drive to take in the autumn beauty. This season brings the community together, celebrating the joys of fall with activities that embrace the region’s natural splendor and seasonal traditions.

Riverside Brewing - Crawford County
Flagship City Food Hall - Erie County
A person is sitting on a cliff. Kennerdell Overlook - Venango County

Food & Beverage

Celebration of flavors, with local cuisine and beverages taking center stage

Seasonal harvests inspire a bounty of culinary delights, from farm-to-table dining experiences to cozy cafes serving pumpkin-spiced treats. The region’s wineries and breweries introduce autumnal brews and vintages, perfect for savoring amidst the crisp air and colorful landscapes. This season is an ideal time to indulge in the rich tapestry of tastes that the area offers, reflecting the agricultural heritage and culinary creativity of the region.

Wines, Brews, & Spirits

Fall offers a rich journey through its brews, wines, and spirits

Reflecting the harvest of this season’s bounty. Local wineries and breweries celebrate the season with special releases, from hearty ales to warm, spiced wines that capture the essence of autumn. Distilleries also join in, offering craft spirits that incorporate seasonal flavors. This time of year is perfect for tasting tours and events where one can savor the unique blends and creations that embody the region’s diverse agricultural landscape and artisanal spirit amidst the backdrop of vibrant fall foliage.

Nova Destinations - Mercer County
Whispering Pines Golf Course - Crawford County


Golfing during the fall is an unparalleled experience

The cooler weather and stunning fall foliage providing the perfect backdrop for a day on the greens. The region’s golf courses, known for their scenic beauty and challenging layouts, become even more inviting as the trees lining the fairways display vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. This season offers golfers not only comfortable playing conditions but also the chance to enjoy the serene beauty of the landscape, making each round a memorable part of the autumn experience in the area.