Pennsylvania Great Lakes Fishing Guide

We invite fishing enthusiasts to visit one of the Commonwealth’s hottest fishing areas. The guide provides a complete overview of fishing in Crawford, Erie, Mercer and Venango counties.

Highlights of the full-color 18-page “Reel It In” guide include:

  • Fishing map of locations of all lakes and rivers
  • Editorial information on seasonal fishing peaks
  • Northwest waters chart with lake acreage, stream miles, fish species and regulations
  • Colorful photos
  • nformation on regional tournaments and events
“PGLR provides quality fishing for a wide range of species year long. With so many options, it can be confusing which waterways are the best bets during particular seasons. This handy guide is concise information that a traveling angler needs for planning a trip to the region,” says outdoor writer Darl Black. Also, check out Darl Black’s fishing reports on our Home Page.